Rapper Tyler, The Creator and producer Flying Lotus have slammed organisers of the YouTube Awards for choosing to honour huge stars instead of video-makers.

The inaugural ceremony is set to be held in November (13) and will be broadcast worldwide via the video streaming website, and the list of nominees includes Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus.

But the Odd Future star, who is due to perform at the event, has taken to his Twitter.com account to express his dismay at the shortlists, insisting music video directors should have been given more credit for their work.

He writes, "YouTube Awards could've f**king had nominations on cool creative videos s**t but noooo again it's the most teeny bopper pop s**t. You are butt... Why not give awards to just directors. These f**king weak a** artists don't come up with these shots or sit in colouring. F**k them they suck."

Producer Flying Lotus has also hit out at awards bosses, accusing them of failing to reward innovative artists and instead pandering to big names.

He tweets, "Seems like the YouTube music awards are pretty much the same as the Vmas. I don't really see the point. If it's about hits sure I get it but let's be fair. YouTube award nominations clearly don't care about cutting edge/innovation. They had an opportunity to shine alight (sic) on all the artists that they helped gain notoriety just to s**t on them for uber famous acts. No disrespect to the nominees yadda yadda."