Flux Pavilion's free gig in California this week (beg12Nov12) was shut down by police after thousands of fans descended on the small venue to see the dubstep star perform.

The British Dj/producer was booked to play at the 1,000-capacity Hangar 8 venue at Santa Monica Airport as part of an MTV event, but the concert was cut short after almost 3,000 revellers turned out.

Extra officers from the Santa Monica Police Department were called in to help control the crowds and organisers eventually decided to stop the show over safety fears.

A statement from Mtv, obtained by the Los Angeles Times, reads, "Turnout for the concert far exceeded the 1,000 capacity for the venue. Prior to turning fans away, officers of the Santa Monica Police Department called in backup to help manage the crowd.

"At approximately 11pm, organisers considered it best to end the event earlier than scheduled. Fans filed out in an orderly fashion and no one was hurt. Mtv... thanks the fans who showed up for the performance and regrets any inconvenience caused by its early end."

Flux Pavilion kept fans updated in a series of posts on his Twitter.com page, and he suggested the decision to stop the show was an overreaction, writing, "So... Helicopters and LAPD with riot gear outside this airport hangar right now... This is f**king unreal... People getting p**sed (upset) because they couldnt get in, LAPD thought the best way to deal with (it) was to not let anybody in. Backwards f**kers... I'm so glad to hear nobody got hurt last night, pepper spray was just a rumour... Was this really necessary?... Stoked (happy) that some of you made it in and I got to play for 45 minutes."