After members Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley performed at the Country Thunder festival in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin over the weekend (23-24Jul16) they were accused of having requested that no police officers should be present at their gig due to their alleged views about law enforcement forces.

However the group moved quickly to deny they were anti-police, posting a statement on Twitter which read, "Hey guys, we’ve just been made aware something happened at a show this weekend involving a police officer.

"We want you to know that we have nothing but love and respect for the police. We are bummed anyone ever got a different impression."

The allegations stem from a request from the band's management that their own security staff handle backstage arrangements, a request which was denied by local police officials.

"I was informed the (Florida Georgia Line) spokesperson had made the request prior to the concert that no law enforcement be backstage while they were on the grounds," Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth told FOX411 Country.

David went on to say that he was "taken aback" and refused to comply.

However contrary to accusations which appeared on social media stating that the request was made due to a lack of trust between the group and police, editors at TMZ report that the dispute was caused by a misunderstanding.

The U.S. gossip site reports that similar requests are made at all Florida Georgia Line's gigs, as part of their contracts with promoters states that they are responsible for the band's backstage security.

As a result, the duo's management refuse offers from police officials to help out with backstage security, as they believe police officers should be freed up for other security needs around venues.