British singer Florence Welch has a soft spot for construction workers - she measures her popularity by how often they shout at her in the street.
The Florence and the MAChine frontwoman shot to stardom in her native U.K. after her debut record, Lungs, scooped the British Album award at this year's (10) BRITs.
But Welch is adamant she is unaffected by fame - and only realises how well-known she is when she is heckled in public or hears her songs playing in the background on British soap operas.
She tells Live magazine, "I only realised I was famous when (workmen) started shouting at me. I didn't think of myself in any way as a celebrity. I still think I'm this girl going to charity shops or hanging out at festivals and wondering about going back to university.
"But then I go somewhere and a guy in a van shouts out 'Hey, Florence,' or I hear my song on (British soap opera) EastEnders and think, 'That's so weird.' That has way more impact than playing in front of thousands. I really like men in white vans now."