Florence Welch longed for a "puritanical lifestyle" as a child.

The Florence and the Machine singer's parents divorced when she was young and she believed the trouble between them made her long for a more simple life.

She said: "I was longing for a puritanical lifestyle as a kid.

"I must have sensed some kind of ruction between my parents, because I was really longing to live in a log cabin, read the bible and drink fresh milk."

Florence believes she is now attempting to relive childhood because she was "scared" of so many things growing up.

She explained to Britain's Vogue magazine: "For a lot of performers, you're looking to get to that sense of childhood freedom and imagination.

"But I was really a scared kid. I think in a sense, I'm having a renaissance of childhood. I'm embracing the world, instead of being followed by nightmares all the time."