Florence Welch never felt beautiful until she was 17.

The Florence and the Machine singer admits she didn't feel confident in her appearance until she developed her own sense of style in her late teens.

She said: "When did I first feel beautiful? It took a long time because I was a short, chubby kid. It wasn't until I was 17 that I grew into myself and started wearing the clothes that I wanted to wear.

"As a teenager, my best friend and I started going to burlesque shows in vintage clothes from charity shops held on with safety pins. I finally felt like I could express myself in clothes."

The 'Dog Days Are Over' hitmaker has a keen interest in fashion but says she goes through different phases of enjoying a particular style.

She told Britain's Glamour magazine: "I go through phase. When I started singing, I wore a ponytail and a red lip.

"Then there was the glitter moment, which annoyed everyone on the tour because there was glitter everywhere. Then I became this intense goth, in bat-wing costumes and black lipstick.

"In some ways we all want to do that childhood dressing up thing, and now I have a job where I get to do that on a daily basis."