Florence Welch nearly drowned herself several times as a youngster.

The Florence and the Machine singer convinced herself she was able to breathe underwater, and made many unsuccessful attempts to prove to herself she had the unlikely ability.

She said: "I thought I could breathe underwater when I was a kid.

"Maybe it was a dream I had but I was convinced that it had happened once. So, every time I went to the local swimming pool, I would always nearly drown myself trying to make it happen again."

The 'What the Water Gave Me' singer also admitted she is often left bruised after a night out because of her insistence to remove her shoes.

Recalling a recent party, she told Britain's Vogue magazine: "I did end up, as usual, covered in bruises and with bleeding feet, which is how I tend to end most of my parties.

"As soon as I get into party move, I'm like, 'Shoes gone! I don't need shoes.' "

Florence believes she is going to find herself having fewer happy moments alone as her career progresses.

She said "I felt really happy today. I've had 45 minutes to myself and became aware that I've been walking with my arms out and doing the occasional spin. I feel like that's going to be happening less. But you take those moments when you can."