Florence Welch is moving out of her family home for the first time.

The Florence + The Machine singer is making the move just months after claiming that it was her New Year's Resolution for 2012.

The 25-year-old star has bought a home a few streets away from her mother in south London because she's worried about missing her parents too much.

She previously told The Sun newspaper: ''All this stuff has happened but I am still at home. I feel bad for my mom, especially because of my clothes.

''It's like a constant battle between me and my wardrobe. My two goals as a teenager were to move out and also to have a music career. It seems one has really taken precedence and made the other one quite hard.

''I'm 25 and I've got to move out before I'm 26. That's my goal now.''

Florence is so concerned about feeling lost in the house that she has taken photographs of her old bedroom to recreate the identical look.

A source said: ''Florence is really gutted to have left home. She absolutely adores her mom.

''She was so keen to bring a little piece of home with her that she's making a replica of her bedroom. While she knew she had to leave at some point, she was pretty upset.''