Florence Welch says her style is inspired by her "old English teacher".

The Florence and the Machine singer says she bases a lot of her outfits on her former mentor as well as "doomed romantic heroines" from classic books because she loved the way they dressed.

She said: "My fashion icon is my old English teacher. She used to come to school in crushed-velvet gowns like a medieval maiden. I'm also attracted to doomed romantic heroines, like Tennyson's The Lady of Shallot.

"My love for fashion began in my dressing-up box. I loved the theatre of it, the playing behind costumes. As I got older, the dressing-up box became my wardrobe."

As well as her fictional heroines, the 25-year-old star also has huge admiration for the late Dame Elizabeth Taylor.

In an interview with Britain's ELLE magazine, she said: "Elizabeth Taylor was an amazing woman. I'm reading 'Furious Love', which chronicles her relationship with Richard Burton. It's dramatic and passionate - they just spent all of their time drunk and in love. He used to call her 'Ocean' in love letters to her because she was so overwhelming."