Florence Welch gave an impromptu performance of 'You've Got The Love' on a Tube train this week.

The Florence + the Machine singer jumped on the busy London Underground transport in West London after taking in a Kendrick Lamar gig at the Hammersmith Apollo on Sunday night (20.01.13), and instead of trying to hide from fans when they started blasting out the 2009 hit, she joined in much to their surprise.

A source said: ''Florence jumped on the Tube after Kendrick and, as you can imagine, every carriage was packed.

''At first she tried to keep a low profile but it didn't take long for a few people to recognise her.

''They started singing 'You've Got The Love' but instead of bailing at the next stop, Florence joined in. It was brilliant.''

What's more, the 26-year-old star didn't stop at one song as when 'You've Got The Love' came to an end she launched into a performance of Kendrick's 'Backseat Freestyle'.

The source added to The Sun newspaper: ''She finished 'You've Got The Love' before changing to the Kendrick Lamar song Backseat Freestyle.''

Florence is not the only star with a love for the Tube. Both Chris Martin and Rihanna have previously used the transport network to travel to one of their own gigs.