Florence Welch thinks she may regret having children.

The Florence + the Machine singer - who recently started dating charity boss James Nesbitt - says her work will always be important to her and though she does want a family, she isn't sure it would be the right decision to give up her career on the road.

She said: "It's like, maybe, one day, to have a child, maybe plural. With a house and a family. But perhaps I'd regret it. Maybe I'd miss the hotel room and the road and all that. Maybe I'm just meant to be on stage, singing. And maybe that's worth any sacrifice."

While she is now loved-up with James, Florence admits she went through a tough time when she split from long-term boyfriend Stuart Hammond last October.

Speaking before she went public with her romance with James, Florence told the new issue of Q magazine: "I've just gone through a dramatic break-up. It's sad. I get so lonely.

"I really did feel like I was breaking down several times. This job is not making me sad; the situation I'm in is making me sad. Singing is the only time I feel truly happy.

"You know the walking weep? It's when you're walking down the road and you're trying to carry on like normal but you just keep bawling. Girls will know about it."