Roksanda Ilincic thinks being a mother has made her a better designer.

The stylish clothes creator gave birth to daughter Efimia in August and rather than let her career take a back seat, Roksanda has found herself more determined than ever to succeed.

She said: "Once you get back to work, you manage to do things more quickly. I'm much more focused - you can't extend your day when you have to be home to put the baby to bed. My priority was not to jeopardise her Elfimia. I was lucky to have an easy birth. If it wasn't working for her, I would have cancelled the show but she's an easy, mellow baby. That made it possible."

Roksanda - who counts singer Florence Welch among her celebrity fans - says she refused to let motherhood stop her working because she has grafted so hard to get where she is.

She told the Sunday Times Style magazine: "I'd been building my label for so long, I didn't want to let go. I planned my work well: I started the collection early, so I was 90 per cent finished before I stopped working. Unless you keep your own life, sooner or later you will end up unhappy; you lose sense of your purpose."