Actress Florence Henderson was so eager to make her Brady Bunch character more realistic on classic sitcom THE BRADY BUNCH, she begged bosses to let her beat her TV children.

Henderson played beloved matriarch CAROL MARTIN-BRADY from 1969 to 1974, but she admits there were many occasions when she wished her homemaker character was a little more like herself.

She says, "I begged them to give Carol Brady a job. They wouldn't do that. I mean, those clothes, for God's sake, take a look at them! I didn't choose those, please!

"But I said, 'Can I just hit the kids every now and then? I mean, real life!' They wouldn't let me.

"I'm the youngest of 10 and I have four children, and every once in a while you get a swat on your behind. I mean, that's the way it goes."

24/03/2005 08:58