Florence Henderson was voted off 'Dancing With The Stars' last night (19.10.10).

The former actress performed a routine to the theme tune of her best known show, 'The Brady Bunch', on Monday (18.10.10) - but despite getting her highest marks of the series from judges, low viewer votes saw her become the fifth star to exit the show.

After learning she was to leave, Florence said: "I have been in TV for over 50 years, and I have to say in all honesty that this is one of the best-produced shows I've ever been on.

"I've loved this show since it began. I think it's just a tremendous show. I hope I've inspired people to get up off their behind and move and dance and live and enjoy life."

76-year-old Florence had surprised judges and viewers with the sexiness of her dancing with professional partner Corky Ballas on the show, but exited with grace.

Elsewhere Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas were saved for another week, kept afloat by viewer votes - which are combined with the judges' scores to produce the final results.

The shock of the programme was the low score given to Jennifer Gray and Derek Hough, who have dominated at the top of the leaderboard since the show started.

The sixth round of `Dancing With The Stars' will take place next Monday (25.10.10).