Florence Welch has lost her voice, causing her band, Florence and the Machine to pull out of two European festivals. The band were scheduled to perform at both Benicassim (Spain) and Optimus Alive (Portugal) this weekend but Florence has been advised by a doctor not to perform. On her Twitter feed, she posted the news, apologising to her fans who were looking forward to seeing her.
In a string of messages today (July 11, 2012), she explained "hello everyone, thankyou so much for all your messages of support, yes its true..it finally happened, I've lost my voice..:( .I've sustained a vocal injury and been told i cannot sing for a week.., seriously i felt something snap, it was very frightening. unfortunately this means i will not be able to perform at Benicassim and Optimus alive festival this weekend..i am so so sorry. I'm so sorry to all the fans, i was desperate to still perform, but was told without question not to, so as not to do permanent damage..x"
This will no doubt be a huge blow to the band who are looking to be on course to score a number one in the UK singles chart this weekend, after their track 'Spectrum' was performing well mid-week. Last year, the British singer Adele also suffered serious vocal problems and was forced to undergo surgery, which prevented her from singing live for several months whilst she recuperated.