Florence Welch dyes her hair at home.

The 22-year-old singer - who fronts band Florence and the Machine - has revealed she keeps her trademark red locks in tip-top condition by colouring them herself using a low-priced hair dye.

Discussing her distinctive look, she said: "Any cheap home dye will do it!"

Florence loves her unique style and over the years has worked hard to perfect her image.

She explained: "Growing up, I went through every look in the book - there are photos that I hope will remain hidden forever! But now I just love anything romantic. I love the evacuation era, anything vintage, anything that just makes me feel different.

"I love to dress up - it's amazing to have all these fantastic clothes to wear, like the incredible Ashley Isham warrior mermaid dress I wore on a recent shoot. It was so perfect that I wore it to the BRIT Awards afterwards!"