Florence and the Machine are set to embark on their biggest US tour yet later this year, seeking to capitalise on an increasing amount of success in the states. Indeed those quintessentially British have often struggled in the past to break it across the Atlantic, with Blur, Oasis, Pulp and Suede all among those struggling to make way in the 90s. However in 2012 the tide's truly turned; Adele's success last year barely needs repeating, and Welch's friendship with Canadian producer Drake raised her profile exponentially ahead of the release last Autumn of her second album 'Ceremonials.'
Come April she'll be embarking on a tour starting on April 14th and finishing up around a month later on May 12th, taking in some 16 dates. Not bad considering at that point she'll have already played in South America and Europe as well as, of course, her native UK. Wowing audiences in a series of televised appearances last year, 'The MAChine performances were a thing of visual as well as sonic grandeur but, talking to MTV, Welch explained that for the tour she'll be stripping things back a little.
"In a way, it's not going to be too big a production; we've done a lot of quite extravagant stuff, and that's been amazing, but for this tour, it's definitely going to be about showcasing the music," she told the entertainment channel. "The songs are going to be the most important thing. It will be heavily based on the music ... no bells and whistles just yet, we're going to try and keep it quite pure."