Flo Rida has been released on bail after his arrest for driving under The Influence (DUI) yesterday (09.06.11).

The 'Low' rapper - who failed a field sobriety after he was pulled over by officers on Miami Beach in Florida in a red and black Bugatti car after he swerved in the lane he was driving at around 3.30am yesterday morning - paid a $2,000 fee and has now left America for Bangkok in Thailand, where is he is due to perform tomorrow night (11.06.11).

Flo - real name Tramar Dillard - retweeted a comment by another user on micro blogging site twitter saying: "So it is confirmed that official_flo is on his way to Bangkok for his gig at Route66Club tmr night! FloRidaLiveBKK(sic)"

Another retweet stated: "official_flo will hit singapore on 16th june at wavehouse!! Club can't handle him! (sic)"

The rapper's Bugatti car - worth an estimated $1.7 million - has also been released after a friend paid the $115 towing fee.

Reacting to the news of his arrest on twitter yesterday, user Anderson Cruz wrote: "Flo Rida got caught for DUI last night, he was driving his Bugatti, I didnt even know he had Bugatti money! (sic)"

Another user, Mike Levine, tweeted: "Flo Rida arrested for DUI. how many subpar songs do u hafta get rich off of before u just pay for a cab/driver? (sic)"