Flo Rida has been ordered to pay a security company $31,258.

The 'Whistle' rapper, real name Tramar Lacel Dillard, was sued by ADT security after they installed a state-of-the-art system at his Miami mansion in 2012 to protect him from potential intruders and he failed to pay his $58,000 bill.

Court documents, obtained by gossip website TMZ.com, showed the 34-year-old star paid a little more than $19,000 as a deposit and then refused to pay the balance when the company placed 27 security cameras around his home, claiming he never authorised the work.

But a judge in Florida has now ruled that he must pay the outstanding $31,258.

News of the lawsuit comes less than one month after it was revealed the rapper owes almost $1.2 million in unpaid tax.

Flo Rida is behind on three payments from 2009, 2010 and 2011, but claims he was swindled out of $170,000 by a couple in a real estate scheme.

According to government files, he still owes $1,197,655.44 to the IRS, despite paying $1 million last year.

The allegations of unpaid taxes are not the only financial worries Flo has had to deal with in recent years.

He was also ordered to pay $432,704 to the organisers of a music festival in Australia after he reportedly failed to show up in 2011.