Rapper Flo Rida has found himself at the centre of a paternity battle following allegations he fathered a child with a woman earlier this year (11).
The Low hitmaker, real name Tramar Dillard, claims Gloria Halloway's baby boy isn't his and alleges a Dna test he took came back negative.
However, the paternity test was conducted using a pseudonym to protect Flo Rida's identity - and Halloway is refusing to acknowledge the results until she sees proof with the hip-hop star's name on it.
And she's determined to take her alleged former lover to court to get the truth once and for all.
Her lawyer, Damon MCDougal, tells Tmz.com, "There is absolutely nothing to indicate that (Flo Rida) was sampled.
"I really do feel that the only way we are going to get a reliable paternity test is going to be within the confines of some sort of court order."