Fleur East thinks fans are ''ready for something new'' four years after she released 'Sax'.

The 31-year-old star is back with new single 'Favourite Things', the follow-up to her huge debut track - which hit number three in the UK Singles Chart back in 2015 - and she has insisted she isn't nervous about matching the success of her first big hit.

Appearing on 'This Morning', she said: ''I think there's been enough time since 'Sax' for people to be ready for something new.

''I think I've matured as an artist - I've still got that feel-good energy but it's in a different kind of way.''

The star - whose debut LP 'Love, Sax and Flashbacks' also came out in 2015 and followed her 'X Factor' runner up stint the previous year - thinks fans will react well to her latest tune.

Describing the track, she added: ''It's very anthemic, quite tribal - it's got a lot of influences from West Africa where my mum is from, in Ghana. I feel like it's more connected to me.''

'Favourite Things' is Fleur's first release since leaving Syco Records in October and later joining new label Hunter Corp Records.

She recently admitted she found it ''really tough'' not being able to deliver the music she had made to her fans, who began labelling her a ''flop'' online.

Fleur said: ''So ultimately, on social media, the fans were going, 'you're a flop. What are you doing? Where's your music? We voted for you to release music, what is this?' And that was really tough, and I was very, very... very low after that.

''And that's another thing, 'oh Fleur's been dropped, Fleur's a flop'. All that stuff, that's really horrible to hear. And it's like 'guys, there's so much more to this story'. I just kept thinking, 'I want to release the music'. It's not as easy as people think'.''