Fleur East used to do sit-ups before she brushed her teeth.

The 28-year-old singer has admitted health and fitness has been a large part of her life from a young age because her father used to make her do a round of crunches first thing in the morning and it's now stuck with her over the years.

Speaking to the Daily Mail's Femail, she said: ''My dad instilled in my sister [Keshia] and I the importance of healthy eating and healthy living. We used to wake up in the morning and do some sit-ups before we'd even brushed our teeth!''

And, although she's now busy globe-trotting and can't make it to the gym as often as she'd like to, the frizzy-haired beauty tries to set time aside to do a quick ''hotel workout.''

She explained: ''To be honest, my schedule is so unpredictable that I haven't been able to stick to [the gym] as much as I used to. If I'm in a hotel, I'll just train in my room. I do body weight training, circuits and squats. Some mornings I've just rolled out of my bed and I've just gone to my laptop, pressed play and then I'm like right, OK, I'm in the mode.''

Meanwhile, Fleur sometimes lacks motivation to get up and sweat but she tries to ''jump the first hurdle'' in order to see results and then she becomes ''addicted'' to exercise again.

She said: ''You think, I can't be bothered - but once you get into the routine and once you start seeing results, you immediately feel more confident.

''That will be your motivation; that's all you need. Everybody has their vice and there are so many addictions in life, and fitness cannot be a bad one.''