Fleetwood Mac bandmates and former lovers Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham write their best songs when they're mad at each other. The couple have had a turbulent relationship ever since they first met in 1968, falling in and out of love and famously refusing to talk to each other on tours. But Nicks insists their history together has made them better songwriters - because they conjure up their feelings about each other when sitting down to create tunes. She says, "It's so goofy that we're still writing about each other all these many, many, many years later - but we do. "He's working on a record right now, he's been writing for two years. A lot of it's gonna end up being about me just because that's the way it is. "I've been writing for the past two years; a lot of it is about Lindsey. "Lindsey's married and has three children and is quite happy in his life but nothing that happens around us really has much effect on him and me. He's my musical soulmate. "We will always be a crazy influence on each other and it will always bring out maybe some of our best work."