Bob Weston, the former Fleetwood Mac guitarist, has been found dead in his London home, with police finding him on Tuesday January 3rd 2012 after friends had reported that they'd not seen him in days. Weston's time in the much-changing 'Mac line-up was fractious if online sources to be believed, though he appeared on two of their albums, 1973's 'Penguin' and 'Mystery To Me' also in that year.
Reuters reports that friend of Weston and webmaster of the musician's official website Steve Fairhead released the following statement saying "Cause of death has been attributed to a gastrointestinal hemorrhage." He went on to pay tribute by saying "My family and I have lost a dear friend; the world has lost an enormously talented musician, with unfinished business." Weston made his name touring with Long John Baldry whom had supported Fleetwood Mac on tour, he was known for his slide guitar and joined the band in 1972. However, several online biographies of the band's history suggest that Mick Fleetwood discovered that Weston was having an affair with his wife Jenny Boyd and so just two years after joining he found himself sacked. It was, of course, not the only time inter-relationship woes had threatened the band, the situation coming to a head with the release of the group's most famous LP 'Rumours' in 1977 which documented the discrepancies.
Weston himself went on to have a relatively successful solo career, releasing several albums and touring live for a number of years. He was 64 years old.