Fleet Foxes frontman Robin Pecknold shuns a partying lifestyle to concentrate on his career, as he is convinced he would damage his voice without regular sleep.
The folk star admits life on tour with the group is quite relaxed and he often retreats to bed after a gig rather than drinking with his pals, and Pecknold is proud of his low-key lifestyle, as he is sure hard-living would impact on the band's material.
He tells Britain's Shortlist magazine, "Everyone in the band is different. Some people hang out after the show and some people just go to bed. I'm definitely in the 'bed' camp. I'm always worried about my voice so I don't want to stay out too late. I'm naturally paranoid.
"It's better than the alternative. I think if we were doing heroin every night and sleeping with prostitutes it would make the music bulls**t.
"There are worse stereotypes to fit into. We feel that if we just put everything into the music then we don't need to do that stuff."