Flavor Flav has recalled his crazy antics at the wedding of his former record label boss, revealing he crashed a motorcycle and threw the bride into a swimming pool.
The veteran hip-hop star was a guest at the ceremony when Def Jam Records chief Lyor Cohen, who is now head of the Warner Music Group, married model E.K. Smith in 1988.
Flavor Flav admits his behaviour on the big day got out of hand and the bride was left fuming when her wedding ended with a dunk in the pool and a chipped tooth.
In an extract from his new book Flavor Flav: The Icon, The Memoir, the rapper writes, "That's where (at the wedding) I learned to ride a motorcycle... The first time I got on... I drove it up a wall... I also pushed (the bride) into the pool, and she chipped her tooth. One thing I can tell you is, do not chip a model's tooth. She was mad at your boy!"