Veteran rapper Flavor Flav's fiancee was admitted to hospital on Monday (01Apr13) after suffering an accidental drug overdose, according to a U.S. report.

Liz Trujillo was filming scenes with the 54-year-old hip-hop star for the upcoming season of U.S. reality show Couples Therapy when she allegedly began "acting strange (sic)", reports

Editors claim Tv executives quickly realised she had taken too many painkillers and called an ambulance to take her to hospital, where the 39 year old is being treated following the incident.

Flavor Flav, real name William Drayton, Jr., signed up to the Tv therapy sessions in a bid to fix his troubled relationship, months after he was arrested at the couple's Las Vegas home in October (12) following a fight with Trujillo and her 17-year-old son. He was charged with one count of felony assault with a deadly weapon and one count of misdemeanour domestic violence as a result of the incident.