Rapper Flavor Flav will get another chance to find true love when he when returns for a second season of his hit reality show FLAVOR OF LOVE. Flavor - real name WILLIAM DRAYTON - didn't make a love connection during the first installment of the show and wants to give it another go. Although the series didn't result in a soulmate, it did produce blockbuster ratings for the US VH1 network, becoming the most watched show in the network's history. Executive producer CRIS ABREGO says, "While the show was a smash, it was a failure in terms of Flav finding someone he could trust and love. "We're making sure we cast a group in which we won't see a repeat of the rampant gold-digging and blatant self-misrepresentation." Producers are also promising celebrity cameos. Abrego adds, "The show was such a huge hit within the hip-hop community. "There are a lot of big names who called us up who wanted and will be a part of the show next season."