PUBLIC ENEMY star Flavor Flav has sparked speculation he's romancing Sylvester Stallone's ex-wife Brigitte Nielsen, after he spent time with her in a hotel suite.

The unlikely pair met during the filming of reality show The Surreal Life, which put them in a house with singer CHARRO, American Idol finalist RYAN STARR, former FULL HOUSE star Dave Coulier and one-time New Kids On The Block heart-throb Jordan Knight.

And while the programme, which recently hit American TV screens, currently displays the pair in constant battles - and even once coming to blows - Knight assures things get much steamier between the two later on.

He says, "Flavor Flav called me the night after the show (wrapped), from a hotel room with Brigitte. (In the house), they were definitely flirting around. They were enjoying each other."

Coulier adds, "After they were fooling around in the pool, I didn't want to go in there anymore... Flav and Brigitte called me the day after we left the show - from a hotel room."

But Knight says the FIGHT THE POWER rapper is welcome to the statuesque Dane, noting, "She's not my type of woman. She didn't really cause any kind of, you know, feelings inside me."

13/09/2004 03:03