Flavor Flav, the Public Enemy Mc, is closing his fried chicken restaurant after just four months. Flavor Flav has also pulled out of a planned chain of eateries, citing mismanagement and the 'expiry date' of his restaurant's side dishes as the reasons for his exit, reports Tmz.com.
Flav visited his flagship store in Clinton, Iowa, on 2nd April 2011 and was reportedly unhappy with his findings, saying, "Let me be straight up with you. I found potato salad that expired on 28 February and it's then when I realised I can't do business there and I really hope no one ate those potatoes". The restaurant is now closing down, with the rapper pulling his name from the franchise. The 52-year-old added, "I have to do whatever is possible for me to save my name and that's to shut the business down. Nick Cimino isn't running the business right". The store's manager Cimino has responded to the allegations, telling Wqad that Flav is "a fraud" and adding, "He wants to become a millionaire off my dime, off my ideas. I started this. I put together everything from the menu to the colour of the building to the sign".
Despite the failure of the Iowa store, Flavor Flav has signalled his intentions to open a new venture in Las Vegas. 'Flavor Flav's House of Flavor' will reportedly open in the city on 30th May 2011. Cimino insists the idea was his own, saying, "I came up with the idea and now he wants to run without me? That's fine ... I'm just glad I'm free of somebody like Flavor Flav".