The Public Enemy legend has previously attempted to become a restaurateur with three fast food diners in the U.S., but the ventures failed shortly after opening.

Now Flavor Flav is hoping fourth time's the charm as he is currently scouting locations in Minnesota for his chicken and ribs business.

In an interview with Minneapolis radio station The Current, the hip-hop star revealed, "As everybody knows, I have a specialty (sic) called fried chicken, so I’m trying to bring some chicken to y'all's neighborhood. It’s about to go down. Once I put a restaurant up here, it’s gonna kill 'em! We’re about to have some fun. I’m gonna bring y’all some good chicken."

Flavor Flav opened his first Flav's Fried Chicken in Iowa in 2011, but the project closed after four months due to management issues. In 2012, he tried again with House of Flavor in Las Vegas, but that shut down later that same year.

His last attempt came in December, 2012 when he opened a Michigan eatery called Flavor Flav's Chicken & Ribs. Six months later, he and his co-owners were evicted from the property after falling behind in rent payments.