The mother of rapper Flavor Flav's three kids has gone public to shame her ex as she fights for child custody from the former PUBLIC ENEMY star.

KAREN ROSS-FORTUNATE is keen to portray Flav, real name WILLIAM DRAYTON, as an abusive ex-boyfriend and a poor father as his star rises again thanks to his appearance on celebrity reality show The Surreal Life.

And she's called on American scandal show CELEBRITY JUSTICE to help her seek justice.

The Long Island, New York, native tells the show, "It makes me very upset because when I tell people who my children's father is, they think I live a life way better than what I live.

"They think I'm taken care of and it's not the case."

She states Flav has been a terrible role model for his kids, but she insists he pays up for child support and helps the couple's eldest son with his college education as he prepares to study at Penn State university in Pennsylvania.

Ross-Fortunate insists she doesn't want her TV campaign to be misconstrued as an attempt to win the rapper back, now his career is on the up.

She adds, "I'm not even interested in even saying hi to him... If he died I would not go to his funeral."

Flav was jailed in 1991 for attacking his ex, and she claims she had to be hospitalised after he punched and kicked her during a feud.

21/01/2005 10:00