Hip-hop veteran Flavor Flav is set to embark on a search for romance in a new reality show.

The PUBLIC ENEMY star, real name WILLIAM DRAYTON, was romantically linked to Sylvester Stallone's ex-wife Brigitte Nielsen after meeting her on THE SURREAL LIFE - and they even appeared in their own spin-off series.

But now they've gone their separate ways, the hip-hop star has signed up to appear in FLAVOR OF LOVE, which will follow him as his sifts through a list of hopefuls until he finds romance.

And once the girls have been chosen they have to go through the ultimate test - meeting his mother and ex-girlfriend Nielsen.

However, Flav is concerned that whoever he picks keeps her table manners in check.

He says, "It's a turn-off when a woman burps at the table. It shows her true colours."

The show is set to debut in the US on 1 January (06).