Italian racing boss Flavio Briatore has teamed up with designer ANGELO GALASSO to create Billionaire Couture - a fashion range for the staggeringly wealthy.

Briatore, who is the father of supermodel Heidi Klum's one-year-old child, LENI, loves wearing the impeccably tailored attire created by his fashionista pal so much he allowed the line to be named after his exclusive Sardinia club.

Galasso boasts, "I want people to be able to recognise a Billionaire Couture item immediately.

"They will see the little details but they will also recognise the quality and the cut.

"When I started designing clothes for (Briatore), people would stop him and say, 'Flavio, you've lost weight!'

"No, he hasn't,' I'd tell them, 'It's the cut of my jackets."

15/07/2005 01:55