THE Flaming Lips have put their unique touch to NBC's three note chime which serves as the US TV station's signature tune.

According to Entertainment Weekly, it is part of a national campaign to give the 75-year-old television institution a 21st century makeover.

Wayne Coyne's band were not the only ones to contribute, with the likes of B-52s, Bb King, TI and Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora also submitting their versions of the motif.

"The notes are set in stone as handed down from the Biblical creator," said Coyne during a video of the band's performance.

"We think we'll get played during The Office or 30 Rock or something like that."

Coyne was seen playing the double-neck guitar he designed, which features one traditional neck and another that resembles the Guitar Hero video game model.

It is thought that videos of each band's contribution will be broadcast during commercial breaks on NBC.

28/10/2008 10:55:36