THE Flaming Lips plan to release a new song every month throughout 2011.
The band's last studio album, Embryonic, was released in 2009 and they followed that up with a remake of Pink Floyd's iconic The Dark Side Of The Moon record later that year.
They are heading back to the recording studio in 2011, but frontman Wayne Coyne reveals they are adopting a new way of working - they will write and record one song at a time and release them one-by-one instead of putting together a whole album.
He tells Rolling Stone, "We'll start in late January, though I'm not sure if we'll get together exactly by then. With this new thing, we're going to spend a lot of time recording at our houses or wherever we are at.
"We'll try to release a song a month and document the song in the making, whether it takes us three or five days or a week. It's gonna be, 'We're working on a song and it's gonna be up by Friday.' We just want to (release material) some other way.
"Not that I think the old way was boring, but to spend another two years with the same 13 songs, it's just like 'f**k'. I think we're going to just start to do things and put it out. Once we get 11 or 12 songs together, maybe we'll do something else with it.
"We want to try to live through our music as we create it instead of it being a collection of the last couple years of our lives."