Flaming Lips are set to release a new double album later this year, it has been revealed.

Speaking to Billboard, singer Wayne Coyne explained that the new effort had been inspired by time spent jamming at drummer STEVEN DROZD's house.

"We just started out having these freak-out jam sessions where he'd play drums and I'd play bass and we just would sort of do freaky stuff," Coyne said.

Even though these recordings were not of the greatest quality they had a "spontaneity" about them which the band probably would not have done on purpose.

According to Coyne, the Lips have already written 13 tracks for the forthcoming release and plan to add about nine more.

Recently, DO YOU REALIZE?? by Flaming Lips was made the official pop song of Oklahoma.

The governor of the state had to intervene in order to pass the required legislation after the house of representatives failed to give their backing to the results of a public poll.

13/05/2009 11:59:59