THE Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne was so terrified watching his bandmate STEVEN DROZD's battle with heroin, he has vowed never to take the drug.
Drozd fought a lengthy addiction to heroin, which was documented in the group's 2005 film The Fearless Freaks.
The musician is currently clean, and Coyne has sworn never take hard drugs in case he becomes hooked.
He says, "I don't take drugs myself but I'm not against some experimentation. I think artistic and creative people are interested in all kinds of experiences. People want to explore the world on their own terms and drugs are a part of that.
"Our music is always going to be connected with that. We may not be on actual drugs but our music comes from music which was influenced by them.
"However, heroin is a horrible drug and we suffered as a band through it. It's horribly addictive and takes over people's lives which it did with Steven. He has an addictive nature anyway and I'm sure if I ever took it, I'd be addicted too."