British singer FKA Twigs is facing the prospect of having to change her stage name for a second time after failing to resolve a dispute with alternative pop duo The Twigs.

The Video Girl star, real name Tahliah Barnett, launched her music career as Twigs, but agreed to alter her moniker in 2013 after receiving a complaint from '90s act The Twigs, who copyrighted their name.

She even offered to settle the issue by handing over $15,000 (£9,375), but it was rejected by The Twigs members Linda and Laura Good.

Robert Pattinson's girlfriend subsequently added Fka, an acronym for Formerly Known As, but last year (14), the Goods decided to file suit over the amended stage name, reports

The case, which only became public this month (Feb15), has continued to rumble on, with Fka Twigs' Young Turks label bosses at the Beggar's Group arguing that other bands, such as Dinosaur Jr. and Blink-182, have been able to keep their monikers after making similar small changes.

The Goods are now demanding Fka Twigs agree to a personal use contract, which would include a significant monetary sum for the name rights.