Review of Time On My Hands Single by Five O'Clock Heroes

Five O'Clock Heroes
Time On My Hands
Single Review

Five O'Clock Heroes Time On My Hands Single

This spicy 70s soft rock and new wave infused blending of English and American members, have been in no rush to unleash their stammering and defiant sound upon the music world. The title track crushes the sounds of Ian Dury and the Blockheads and Joe Jackson into an easily to swallow three minute package.

Spikier guitars add a little more urgency to B-side 'Good Company', thus pronouncing the new wave vocal swagger of Anthony Ellis.' Vivian' instils a bolt of blues into the vocals and the winding acoustic riffs make for an aching tilt. This prelude to debut album 'Bend To The Breaks' (released 18/09/06), shows enough variety and feeling to suggest that this could be an album to keep you occupied during the lingering winter evenings.

Rating 7/10

David Adair

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