The singer stunned the audience at the Beale Street Music Festival on Friday (01May15) but cutting the show short and storming off stage after ranting at the audience and throwing his microphone down.

Moody has now explained what happened at the gig, revealing the band suffered severe technical problems which left them unable to play.

He says in a statement, "There were a lot of technical problems... that were seemingly unsolvable. We had to make a decision whether to hit the stage crippled, without being able to hear ourselves; or, delay the start of the show - possibly for hours. We decided to proceed, but not being able to hear if I was in key and just guessing where we were in the song frustrated me to the point that I lost my cool. I'm not saying I handled it appropriately. Matter of fact, I've never been so embarrassed before. I apologise for taking out my anger on stage. You guys know me and you know how I pride myself on my live performances. I'd never want this to boil over into something that epically (sic) wrong ever again... To our fans in Memphis - we'll make it up to you, I promise."

Drummer Jeremy Spencer also took to to dismiss rumours the band split after the meltdown, writing, "We did NOT break up! Things went sideways with technical issues. Ivan got p**sed (angry) and took it out onstage. It was a bad night, to say the least. He has since apologised. But we are 100 per cent still a band and look forward to seeing you all on tour!"