The group was scheduled to perform at Milan's Alcatraz venue, but on Saturday (21Nov15), members of hacktivist group Anonymous claimed to have intercepted digital conversations between pro-ISIS accounts suggesting the terror group was preparing to ambush the band's show, according to the International Business Times.

Leaders of Anonymous later clarified they had nothing to do with the reports of possible ISIS attacks, but Five Finger Death Punch decided to not risk the safety of their fans and axed the show all together.

"As some of you may be aware, there were many rumors today that the Milan show on Sunday, November 22nd will be targeted in a next wave of terror attacks like we saw in Paris last week," they wrote on their Facebook page. "We did our best in a very short amount of time to work with the local promoter and authorities to ensure that security would be adequate. Unfortunately, we did not receive confirmation in time to satisfy our requirements and to ensure that our fans would be safe at the event. Therefore, we were forced to postpone the show to a later date. Please stay tuned for more info."

The scrapped Milan show comes over a week after a wave of attacks by ISIS hit Paris, including one which targeted concert-goers at an Eagles of Death Metal show at the Bataclan venue, where 89 fans were killed.

Five Finger Death Punch had also been scheduled to perform in Strasbourg, France last Sunday (15Nov15), but the concert was cancelled hours before the group was scheduled to hit the stage out of respect for the victims.