Fiona Apple caused a stir with her SXSW gig at Stubb's last night (March 14, 2012) Apple performed a number of songs from her back catalogue, as well as some newer tracks, at the festival which has built itself a reputation for influencing the music industry's tastemakers across the globe.
LA Times described the new material as "an odd but effective combination of rock, jazz, soul and blues that touched on all without committing to any," adding that her voice "was in fine form." The show was the opening date of her first tour in five years; a precursor to her first album in seven. Both Usa Today and LA Times commented that the 34 year-old looked less than comfortable onstage, with LA Times commenting that she apparently couldn't wait to leave the stage and Usa Today explained that "the singer never really appeared comfortable onstage until finishing her vocals on the last song. At that point, she removed her earpiece, whipped the wires from her hair and unleashed a big smile." They summed up the performance, though, as "soulful" and "passionate."