Fiona Apple regrets including songs about her failed relationships on her new album because it sets her up for awkward situations with her ex-partners' new girlfriends.
The 34 year old, who recently released her first album in seven years, sat down with a journalist from Interview magazine to talk about the inspiration behind several of the new tunes.
During the discussion, Apple admitted she was wary about including romantic songs about her ex-boyfriends - director Paul Thomas Anderson, who is now dating Bridesmaids star Maya Rudolph, and writer Jonathon Ames - because she didn't want their new lovers to feel threatened and uncomfortable.
Apple, who wrote a track about Ames in the midst of their relationship, said, "I was staying in an apartment in New York and he was just starting up his (TV) show (Bored to Death). I was writing this instrumental thing that I'd started after he had taken me to Coney Island - he takes all his girlfriends to Coney Island. I was b**chy about it later on, but at the time he gave me this really wonderful day of simple joy and kindness. But after we broke up, I was like, 'Am I gonna put this song on the album?'
"That's why I feel really bad when I'm talking about people. I feel like there are women out there like, 'Stop talking about my f**king boyfriend!' Maya Rudolph is gonna be like, 'What the f**k? Can you just leave? Can you not be around anymore? Insane.'"
The Idler Wheel..., Apple's fourth studio album, was released last week (19Jun12).