Unbroken star Finn Wittrock's parents were not big fans of his hard-hitting new movie, because they were not prepared for his death scene or how rail-thin he would look.

The actor's mother sobbed through much of the screening and then reprimanded her son for not warning her about the movie's most harrowing scenes.

He tells Wenn, "My mum was like, 'Honey, if you don't warn me the next time I walk into a theatre that you are gonna die and I'm gonna have to cry and embarrass myself in front of loads of people, I will slap you across the face!'"

And his dad also struggled with some of the scenes in the new Angelina Jolie-directed film.

He adds, "My dad was most disturbed by seeing me thin. My dad hated it. He was like, 'When is this f**king movie gonna be over?'

"When you spend your whole life making sure your kids are fed, he like, really didn't like it."