Finding Neverland director Marc Forster is overjoyed his movie picked up seven ACADEMY AWARD nominations earlier this week (25JAN05), but hopes he won't have to do any more promotional work.

Forster, 34, dislikes becoming involved in endless promotional activity as he believes people would rather see the actors, such as his Finding Neverland star Johnny Depp.

He says, "I've always felt that people want to see the stars of the movies. Being in the spotlight is not my thing. I'd rather other people did it.

"I've been totally surprised by the reception to Finding Neverland because I didn't direct it to be specifically a kids' film or one for the grown-ups, so I was nervous that people would misunderstand it and that this might kill it.

"All these nominations just haven't sunk in - I really never expected it."

28/01/2005 14:09