New JM BARRIE biopic Finding Neverland could be used in Michael Jackson's defence against charges of child molestation, according to Johnny Depp.

The movie centres around Peter Pan author Barrie's relationship with the LLEWELYN DAVIES family and the boys he used as the inspiration for his Lost BOYS characters.

And Depp fears that today such a relationship would lead to a police investigation, as demonstrated by the legal action levelled against Jackson.

When asked if the THRILLER star should cite the movie in court, 41-year-old Depp replies, "Yeah, maybe. But with Barrie, a lot of the criticism is unjust; it goes back to what (MARLON) BRANDO used to say, 'Were you there? No, you weren't.'

"Those kids were interviewed later in life and said in no uncertain terms that there was no molestation, no fiddle-faddle; Barrie was just a great man. He loved those kids and they loved him. That's what it boils down to."

11/10/2004 17:32