Hit cartoon movie Finding Nemo has sparked a new buying frenzy in America - clownfish.

The flick has not only made more than $200 million (GBP125 million) at the box office since its release, it's also been held responsible for a surge in aquarium fish sales.

DIANA RIVAS of SEASCAPES in Newhall, California, says, "A lot of people have come in asking for Nemos and DORYs."

Rivas, one of many California retailers experiencing the buying frenzy, says SeaScapes recently ordered 40 more of the bright orange-and-white striped clownfish to keep up with demand.

But a lot of Nemo fans snapping up the sea creatures are finding that looking after the trendy pets takes a little more work than regular goldfish. As they are saltwater fish, set-up expenses average $200 (GBP125) for a fully-equipped 30-gallon tank, with the creatures themselves costing $11 (GBP6.80) to $30 (GBP18.75).

19/06/2003 20:58