Hit movie Finding Nemo, singer Avril Lavigne and Elmo of Sesame Street have all been honoured by a media group for excellence in family entertainment.

COMMON SENSE MEDIA culled 18,000 nominations from parents, teachers, children and other users of its website to pick winners - and losers - for its first awards, which were announced on Thursday (22JAN04).

JIM STEYER, founder of Common Sense Media, says, "(The winners) prove you can make great media for kids and families without relying on gratuitous violence, lurid language or over-the-top commercialism to attract an audience."

The group also awarded a 'GOLDEN GARBAGE CAN' to those whose products it claims represent "outrageous content" which was created for or marketed to young people.

Among those scolded by Common Sense Media were the Fox network for TEMPTATION ISLAND and commercials from alcoholic beverages MILLER LITE and COORS LITE.

26/01/2004 20:57