Fightstar rocker Charlie Simpson is fuming after censors banned the band's new video.

The 20-year-old former BUSTED singer can't understand the constraints now placed on artists.

He says, "Our artwork was banned, and it just p**ses me off that in today's society rock bands can't say something. Ten years ago they could say whatever they wanted. It's all so f**king limited."

Simpson is also furious with cynics who accused him and fellow bandmates for purposely producing a controversial video unfit for TV to gain extra publicity.

He rants, "The video is about war - a topic that's very much worth talking about. The thing that p**ses me off the most is that people thought we tried to make a banned video. That's ridiculous.

"You look at the papers every day and see people with their heads blown off, and they censor a video that actually had no blood or no guns in it."

27/07/2005 05:32